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Homemade Blackheads Strips

Blackheads are considered to be most disgusting skin problem for men and especially women. Usually it crops up on the nose. Applying strips is most familiar approach to eliminate it. Contrary to purchase strips for blackheads, you can prepare your peculiar strips.Show More Text

All you’ve to need is these two kitchen components:

  1. One Tablespoon of milk
  2. One Tablespoon of gelatin powder

As you move on you’ll find it very simple to prepare. Place one tablespoon of milk and then add constantly one tablespoon of gelatin in a heat resistant basin or bowl. Rattle them well until you achieve a crude formation. At medium heat, place the basin in microwave oven for 10 seconds. And within 30 seconds, you made your personal blackheads strips.

 How to Use It?

Dive your finger in the achieved composition place that finger on your nose. On account of drying the strip, leave it for 10 about 10 minutes and then cautiously put it off from the nose. You will clearly see impurities and blackheads on the strip that were earlier on your nose.

I recommend you to use unflavored and clear gelatin. If you talk about milk, that’s every time available in your fridge or freezer.

 Homemade Blackheads Strips DIY

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